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A home match at the Jan Breydel Stadium, every fan experiences this in his or her own way. Club Brugge Foundation therefore provides various facilities for fans with physical and/or mental disabilities.

We have different zones in the stadium, depending on the exact needs of the person with a disability: wheelchair zone, blind stand and stand for people with disabilities who are not wheelchair-bound..


Club Brugge stewards are trained to provide supporters with the necessary service and guidance. For the sections where disabled supporters are seated, the stewards have received additional training to deal appropriately with this target group. The stewards are always available to provide assistance.


There are several zones around the stadium with parking spaces for those with blue cards.

All info on blue-card parking




Fans with physical disabilities

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Not wheelchair-bound

Not wheelchair-bound

Fans with mental, visual or hearing impairments

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Do you have any questions or wish to receive more information? Please send an e-mail to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.